High Quality Mica Capacitors from Nature

Mica is a dielectric with very low loss at very high frequencies. Their high stability over time and linear temperature response makes mica capacitors ideal for both high-frequency applications in constant frequency circuits and as standards of measurement.

The way they are manufactured and the tried and tested moisture-proofing molding they undergo mean that high quality capacitors can be produced at reasonable prices.

Extremely close tolerances at very high voltages are for us a matter of course. Mica wafers are split to a precisely defined strength and then either directly metalized (exact silver electrode, pressure, and firing), or stacked together with silver foil to make capacitor blocks. After this they are vacuum impregnated and either molded or enclosed in cans.

Our range of products includes mica chip capacitors for SMD applications, as well as all the usual types adapted for specific purposes. These correspond to DIN and MIL specifications in the 1pF - 1µF range at operating voltages of 50V - 20kV.

Mica at the heart of our capacitors

A natural, crystallized mineral in wafer form, mica is pliable and can be split and worked successfully in very thin sheets down to 10 Micron. An extremely low dissipation factor of only 1,5 x 10-4 at 1MHz, a high dielectric strength of approximately 60 kV/mm and an ability to withstand temperatures of 600C are what distinguish this remarkable natural product.

Because of it's origins mica has already undergone natural aging.

In our BMC capacitors we only use "ruby muscovit clear" a top quality potassium aluminium silicate with a particularly unifrom crystal structure. Along with a production process controlled in every aspect this guarantees mica capacitors of constantly high quality.